Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Used, and Used Up

Well, by now, most of you've heard that Cindy Sheehan's giving up and going home. This post will neither heap antagonistic calumny on her, nor tar her with the epithet Chiroptera Lunae. She's a victim of the Left's game.

A grieving mother, with a questionable grasp on theology, geopolitics and domestic politics, was scooped up by the Left. Transformed into an instant propaganda machine, Cindy had the credibility of actually suffering a loss from the War. Unlike most military families, which grieved their losses with dignity and respect for their children, Cindy ran about manically screaming for the War to stop. As if just stopping the War would make all the problems go away, and all would be puppies and sunshine.

Cindy pledged everything she had to the cause, and must have been rightly deflated by the Left's recent betrayal. Anti-war advocates in the House and Senate rolled over, as soon as the President wrote 30 pieces of silver into his budget for them. Sold out, there's nothing left to do. So let her go home and try to recover her family, if the bitterness will allow it.

I will eagerly await Cindy's next book, as it will reveal much to the Left that they will not admit to. Her farewell missive was titled "Good Riddance, Attention Whore", and while she may have been called that by less-than-charitable conservative bloggers, it's the Left that really treated her like a whore.


The Crescat said...

My sympathies only run so deep. Yes, she was used... as much as she allowed herself to be so.

Karen Marie said...

She isn't the first, and won't be the last, defender of human life to wear out in the fight and have to retire. Pray for her, and pray that the Lord raises up many others to defend life --- in all the battles, conception to natural death, native or alien dwelling among us, those of any nation of earth.