Thursday, May 03, 2007

Episcopalian Discernment

All the news organs are a-twitter over Jim McGreevey, former NJ Governor and Catholic, entering the Episcopal church and joining their seminary. Here's the very first paragraph in USA Today's version, which tells you why it's newsworthy, and exactly why the Episcopal church wants McGreevey:

The nation's first openly gay governor has become an Episcopalian and been accepted into a seminary, according to a published report.

The Episcopal church, in recent years, has laboured hard and fast to build its reputation as a "Gay Church". These endeavors have made others in the Anglican Communion uncomfortable, and have infinitely widened the gulf between them and Rome. Back to McGreevey, for a moment:

McGreevey was an altar boy and attended Catholic schools. While in office, he continued to practice the religion, but differed from church teachings in several areas, including his support of abortion rights.

I would also add, to his list of disagreements with Rome, his penchant for buggery. By joining the Episcopal church, he's found a religion that has all the outward ceremonial appearances of the Catholic faith, but without the inconvenient theology. In the Episcopal seminary, he'll learn about:

  • The United Nations' 'Millenium Development Goals'

  • How to get people to give money to fund futile attempts to achieve The United Nations 'Millenium Development Goals'

  • How to parse the Bible to justify sinful behavior

  • How to ignore the Bible when you can't parse it to justify sinful behavior

  • How to distract attention to the fact that you're ignoring the Bible to justify sinful behavior, by focusing your attention on The United Nations 'Millenium Development Goals'

Pray for this confused man, as he thrashes wildly in the jaws of a wolf.

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Anonymous said...

While I may not agree with you on many points, I found this post uproariously humorus, especially the items about what you can expect to learn in an Episcopal seminary! Thanks, we need to keep humor during this time. - trained