Thursday, November 20, 2008

Arbiter of Constitutional Validity

By all means, let's not do anything to make a popular TV personality sad.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Who's Going to Continue the Failed Policies of the Bush Administration?

After a long campaign of blasting everything the Bush Administration has done since Election Night of 2000, Barak Obama turns his attention to the economy:

Obama said that passing a stimulus package will be his first move if the lame-duck Congress fails to do so before he takes office January 20.

Um, didn't the Bush Administration do that, and several times? Did it work? An objective look around would indicate that these "stimulus payments" only generated short-term economic twitches, while only serving to reinforce Americans' bad spending habits.

At least Barak Obama is willing to break with the Bush Administration on commitments to defending eastern Europe from Soviet intimidation. Oh, wait, maybe we meant to continue that policy instead..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Russia to Test Obama

Headline: Medvedev: Russia to Deploy Missiles Near Poland

Well, isn't that interesting...

Just as a thief would decry the installation of a security system, so Russia's kicking up a fit about a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

Talking tough, he fleshed out long-promised military measures in response to U.S. plans for missile defense facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic, former Soviet satellites now in NATO. The Kremlin claims the system is meant to weaken Russia, not defend against Iran, as Washington insists.

Medvedev said Iskander missiles would be deployed to Russia's western enclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, "to neutralize, if necessary, a missile defense system."

The Iskander has a range of about 280 kilometers (175 miles), which would allow it to reach targets in Poland but not in the Czech Republic — but officials have said its range could be increased. Medvedev did not say whether the missiles would be fitted with nuclear warheads.

Russia will also deploy electronic jamming equipment, Medvedev said.

The U.S. has claimed that the system is in order to protect against Iranian missiles. If Russia has no malicious intentions, why are they determined to deploy countermeasures against a security system thats stated purpose is not against them? I imagine that you can follow that to conclusion.

Apparently, the ability to threaten its neighbors is fundamental to Russia's strength? No wonder it's so important to check that, and quickly. Will our next President rise to the challenge?