Sunday, October 01, 2006

LifeChain 2006

" Don't you have anything better to do?!?" a young woman shouted out her window, as she drove past. "No, not really" I answered in a more measured tone. This is the state of our discourse, on abortion, in this country. Christians stand by the side of the road with their signs, and liberals drive past with their middle finger thrust in the air. No, I really don't have anything better to do.

It's better than blowing up a clinic. Or shooting an abortion provider. I need to make a couple new signs for next year. Here are a couple suggestions, feel free to add more:

No Children...No Social Security.

Your Social Security Was Aborted...What Now?

Ask Europe About Depopulation.


The Unseen One said...

Good for you for standing out there and protesting. It never ceases to amaze me what the uber-compasionate left will do in situations like that.

I remember when I was in college we had a "prayer vigil for life", where Christians lined the streets praying silently. One leftist girl was dressed up as an "Anti-mime" running around saying "woop-woop-woop". I had heard some frat-jerks were screaming in peoples' faces. Hard to believe I was a member of the left... but then again, I've grown up.

rjp said...

St. Jimbob,

Have you met Denny and Claire Hartford of Omaha? I used to picket with them when I was stationed there in the AF. They are great pro-life activists and have been for at least 20 years.

Check He responded to my post about Traditionalist Catholics. Maybe you can offer your comment to his post. His blog is one of my favorites.

Kasia said...

I protested with LifeChain for the first time on Sunday (I'm also a former member of the left). It was...different. I just stood and knelt and tried to 'pray without ceasing'. Bit difficult, between the supportive honks and the unsupportive honks and the wind threatening to send my sign out onto Woodward Avenue (to say nothing of my not-too-irrational fear of having my mother drive by, see me, and try to yank me out of line)...but still worth doing.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

RJP - I don't get to Omaha much, as it's really it's own planet anyway.

Kasia, It must be hard to fly in the face of your own tradition and family to not only protest abortion, but to investigate the Church in RCIA. God Bless, and keep praying.

Doogie said...

How about:

"In 50 years our offspring will vastly outnumber yours... think of all the conservatives they'll elect!"

"The Roe Effect: Not Just For Canoes Anymore"