Friday, October 27, 2006

of Food and Marriage

Both are best with natural ingredients.

Food used to be a substance that one would make with raw materials, effort, and care. There was wheat flour, real sugar, eggs, butter, cream, salt, all of which you’d get at the grocer’s. In 2006, a trip to the grocery store is more like a trip to a laboratory supply warehouse, judging from the ingredients in the “food”. There are pre-fab meals that you just have to heat, no effort involved (just don’t ask about the ingredients), and foods pre-segmented in small portions, for those who cannot count their own portion sizes. Our food today is less nourishing, and in cases, more harmful than ever before. It’s because we got lazy and stopped caring for the work involved in our own sustenance.

Now we have marriage, which alongside our cupboards, has disintegrated into toxic convenience relationships. We no longer are content to serve each other without an exit clause in the contract, and it shows. Don’t forget to add pornography, artificial birth control, and rampant consumer debt. Marriage is just not the same thing as it used to be.

So, now people are willing to push the marriage recipe further by doing away with the heterosexual nature of the institution. They’re making soda with Sucralose now, instead of sugar, so what’s the difference? Our society has already stripped the other essential elements out of marriage, so why are we shocked when they clear away the last recognizable element? Marriage has become a legal maneuver, like an omnibus power of attorney, and homosexuals want that privilege.

So, instead, why don’t we throw out the Pop-tarts, pornography, Pepsi, condoms, frozen pizzas, birth control pills, Spaghetti-os, and pre-nuptial agreements. Start over again. Make it count. Both food and marriage are best with natural ingredients.

Not really food

Not really marriage


Sparki said...

Preach it, brother!

Fidei Defensor said...

I like pop-tarts, back off! Haha

Alyssa said...

I have said many times in the past that I've never heard an intelligent argument against gay marriage... This little blurb has utterly failed to change that for me.

Love is the most natural thing in the universe... It doesn't know black from white, Asian from Pacific American, so why should it consider gender?
Homosexuality is so damn natural that it occurs in nature! (Example?:

Nice try, but your assertion that the contrived and unnatural should be abandoned is undermined a bit by your nonchalant use of the blog. Is that made of natural ingredients?

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...


Most partisans will refuse to acknowledge intelligence in those who oppose them, so to your dissatisfaction, I won't bother explaining myself.

Science has had to stretch, flip, and do contortions to find examples of homosexuality in animals, because it is not the natural state of created beings.

Most animals are geared toward survival and continuing their own species, and homosexuality cannot do that. It is a genetic dead end.

Sure, you can call it "love", but it is not love any more than a Twinkie can be called bread. Sure, a homosexual relationship may satisfy one's need for companionship, and it may be full of excitement and romance, but it is as spiritually sterile as it is physically.

As for your hostility, I suggest that you may wish to see someone about it.