Friday, October 20, 2006


from CWNews:

"There could be a relationship between Rome and us, but it would not yet be a juridical relationship," Bishop Fellay told reporters.

A Catholic bishop, if that is what you are, should know that to be a Catholic, Rome DOES have a juridicial relationship with the Church. Memo to Fellay: The excommunication wasn't about the Tridentine Mass, it was about Lefebvre's disobedience. The sooner you deal with it, instead of dissembling, the better. Motu proprio aside, there's a bigger elephant in the room that most traddies deny is there.

Tell me, if Rome backs down on the SSPX excommunication issue, how do you think the Poncho Ladies (aka Roman Catholic Womenpriests) are not going to take that as a big, green light to continue their rebellion? This will be a precedence that will, as all precedents do, get stretched to validate the unthinkable.

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Anonymous said...

You are right on the money!!!I think the rest of the world is finally starting to wake up to the disaster known as the sspx.