Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Casting suspicions

h/t Amy Welborn

The media's casting about for Foley's perp, and they find this fine fellow. When asked about Foley:

"Don't even try to pin that one on me!" he said. "I've been smeared enough. Mark Foley is not in any of those pictures."

But quickly Romero adds he has talked to the man who allegedly abused the future Republican star.

It's a dialog right out of NYPD Blue! Det. Sipowitz has an ex-con in the interview room, and he's putting the screws to him. "Don't even try to pin that one on me", the ex-con says, looking towards the window, wiping his nose. "And who do you think the papers, and the jury pool will believe, eh?" Sipowitz would retort. " Okay, okay. I know this guy," the ex-con squirms as he says it "he was into the same scene, if you know what I mean."

The whole thing reeks, and something tells me it's going to get worse the farther Foley gets into his "healing process."

Meanwhile, while his deviant cruising will be excused, and his deviant sexuality will never be questioned. Sure, older gay men never rarely go cruising for young men.

In other news, Ted Kennedy announces that in 1969, his car was FORCED off the road, and into Poucha Pond, by a drunk driver in another car. He will announce the name of the driver to the Massachusetts DMV.

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shelray said...

This entire sex scandal has shown what happens when the extra curriculum allowed to occur in the seminaries set the stage for these priests gone wild!