Saturday, October 21, 2006

Verdict on Veggies

Okay, I just got done watching the NBC-neutered Veggie Tales with the kids. It will, I think, be the last time. While the general message of the show is no worse than anything else on TV that I DO NOT let my kids watch, the ballast of materialist advertising and promos for other, more crass shows outweighs any benefit. We'll stick with the DVDs, thank you.

I understand Phil Vischer's gambit in the face of the disappointing alterations to his show, but I think that he will be inevitably be discouraged with the results. He's secularised, against his preferences, his christian-themed show, and still holds out some hope that the TV exposure will result in sales of the videos with the original content. If our experiences in the Catholic church of softening our public message are any indications, the strategy is doomed.

There eventually may be legions of kids with Veggie Tales lunchboxes, but will they have Jesus?


shelray said...

How true, it's almost a pornographic experience watching half way decent programing on the 4 networks, when we are bombarded with advertisements for the prime time line up. I really need to get tivo or a DVR to fast forward through

genevieve said...

Just fluff!! Veggie tales with God is fluffy enough!! Now with all references to God removed --what's the point??