Friday, October 06, 2006

Blogroll Cleanup

I've added a couple blogs that i've had bookmarked on my browser for a while now. I've also nuked a couple that aren't really doing anything.


Crossed the Tiber - Tiber Jumper chronicals the thoughts of a Catholic convert, and with a fervor that is rarely found in most cradle Catholics.

Dad29 - Dad29 writes a great mixture of wisconsin politics, national politics, and general whistleblowing on B.S..

The Clam Rampant - Kasia is in the process of coming into the Church, and has much to share about that and other things.

Check them out, my small handful of readers.


Dad29 said...

We are honored!

Say "Hi" to Bp. B.!!

Tiber Jumper said...

Thanks so much St. JimBob!!
I only by God's grace am I thankful to be here! (or anywhere for that matter)
Sometimes I think my blogging is actually a continued working out and fulfilling of my first penance given to me after 30 years as an evangelical. To be sure, I was forgiven and the penance doesn't atone for my sins, but does help to make retribution for the temporal consequence of my sin of rebellion and leaving the church. At my first confession since 1973 two years ago, I was expecting the priest to give me three Hail Mary's etc. Instead he said "Now and go and tell someone, everyday what God has done for you." without exaggerating, God has given me opportunity for more than two years to daily share what he has done for me through the Sacraments of this Church and my return to it. My blogging, in retrospect I think, is part of this process and is a just penenace to make up for the consequences of my preaching and dragging several catholic kids out of the Church in the 70's in High school!
Thanks so much!
God bless

DigiHairshirt said...

JimBob, thanks for keeping me on! I have not been so active in blogging because of some heavy workloads, but I still enjoy your blog immensely.

Tiber Jumper said...

Hey St JimBob:
no actually it's not true (about MG) though he has said he will publically retract statements if anyone proves he is wrong. I have found several things he said that were false about the church and he refuses to acknowlege it. I just posted it for a little laugh and left it up too long. Sorry!
I am praying for him though, he is so tortured in his hatred towards Catholics.