Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Telling Omission

The screen behind the democratic candidates for President caught my eye, and I noticed a telling omission that really speaks to the flaw in their foreign policy ideas. Here's the backdrop:

A good deal of the background image is from the great seal of the United States, but with a curious part left out. I circled the omission above, so that you could reference it to the seal in it's entirety:

Yes, they took the arrows from the Eagle. They think that the United States can protect its liberties with olive branches alone. They prefer to throw aid packages, abortion doctors and condoms at the world's problems. What a sorry lot.

All of them are for retreating from Iraq. To avoid his obligations, Onan, too, was eager to pull out. So much for fearless leadership from the Left.


Russ Rentler, M.D. said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

What this shows is that you are a moron.

Imagine if the photographer had been standing on the other side of the floor. Then the olive branch would have been blocked out.

Brother James said...

Thanks for bothering to call me a moron over a posting that's over TWO YEARS OLD. Timely, bro, very timely.

I guess that polite discourse IS truly imperiled. Feel free to browse the other content strewn about here. I imagine you'll have more choice words for me ;-)

Casey Ulrich said...

I agree with the Anonymous comment, it is almost impossible to determine if the arrows where in fact there or not in this photo.

Also your reply is completely ridiculous. One of the points of the Internet, its timelessness! Just as I have found this blog in 2010 from an internet search about the United States Seal.

So to imply that their opinion is invalid because your blog was 2 years old at that point is moronic, and most likely because you had and still have nothing rational to say about the previous Anons comment.

The point is, don't make such ignorant statements like "They think that the United States can protect its liberties with olive branches alone" if you aren't going to provide more solid evidence.

Brother James said...

Well, Casey, I don't normally humor the Anonymous troll, but since you used your name like a civil person, I'll give you a civil and reasonable answer.

About the seal:

If you compare video collage with the great seal, you'll see that where the arrows should be, there is what looks like a architectural drawing of a columned building, a white screen with a logo on it and a plain blue square. If you compare the two graphics I've provided in the post, it should be apparent.

RE my reply to the above Anon poster:

I don't respond well to thoughtless abuse, and my post reflects that. I could have deleted it, but that wouldn't be nice either.

Just because someone may think differently than you does not make them ignorant. It just means that their life experiences lead them to form conclusions that differ from your own.

Evidence to support my position:

Just this week, our government announced the arrest of 10 Russian agents here to undermine our sovereignty. What did our current administration do? Allow a quick hearing, and before the ink was dry on their plea agreements, the Russian spies are on a plane to go back to Russia. Any repercussions? Really? We just slapped the Bear on the claw.

Why the kid gloves with Russia? They're now an international Energy power.

So, is all the above rational enough? Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

BTW, This background belonged to the CNN debate set that toured the country and had republican and democratic candidates standing in front of it. Hmmm