Thursday, July 05, 2007

Grace Under Fire

So, the goings on in Pakistan have finally hit the fan and the headlines here in America. The al Masjid, the Red Mosque, has been a thorn in Pakistan's side for quite a while now. The students of al Masjid have been kidnapping various people and demanding implemantation of Sharia Law as the ransom. Pakistan already has an anti-blasphemy law, severely punishing anyone who blasphemes Muhammad (I'd be hanged within the hour I touched down in Karachi). The tribal areas already do Sharia, with little intervention from any real government. Women are properly oppressed. What are the students complaining about?

Well, now that the military has moved in to administer some perspective, the students have been armed and are resisting. Where's the teacher, you may ask? He went that-a-way:

MAULANA Abdul Aziz, the leader of the Lal Masjid brigade, was arrested while trying to flee in a burqa.

“After all the things he has said and all the oaths he took from his students that they should embrace martyrdom with him, look at this man,” Minister of State for Information Tariq Azeem said.

Maulana Aziz was caught after a group of 50 burqa-clad women from the mosque started screaming as they were taken to a nearby school for security checks after giving themselves up, saying the procedure was un-Islamic.

“Our officers spotted his (Aziz’s) unusual demeanour. The rest of the girls looked like girls, but he was taller and had a pot-belly,” an official said.

So much for the courage of the righteous. Intending to die last, I guess he was figuring Allah would be out of virgins by the time all the students in the mosque were killed.

Pakistan is beset by a bevy of conflicts. Most people are fixated on the conflict between President Musharraf and the Chief Justice of Pakistan's supreme court, while there are Taliban in Waziristan, and rebels and natural disasters in Balochistan. The country is poised to become another Afghanistan. With nukes.


Dad29 said...

It's also possible that the burqua-clad turkey actually did NOT want virgins.

Maybe he prefers boys.

Seriously--it's no wonder that India and PRChina are paying close attention to the events in Pak.

The Bovina Bloviator said...

I'd be hung within the hour I touched down in Karachi.

No you wouldn't, you'd be hanged (I know, it seems pedantic but that's the correct usage).

Anonymous said...

Not unless St J was referring to his male attributes. Oh, see what you started dad29?

When I first read about this erstwhile martyr using women's clothing to escape, I wondered how long it would be before his followers noted a discrepancy. I think somewhere they have an interdict about men wearing women's clothing.

And bov-blov, let's recognize that in English, the trend for verb migration is from strong to weak, so that 'hung' is the strong pp of to hang; whereas 'hanged' is the weak pp of the same verb. New Fowler allows either.

cf: help, helped, holpen.

One notable exception: dive, dived, dived in N Am usage has become dive, dove, dove.