Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Invincible Poor

How is it we cannot eliminate Poverty? We hurl gold at it, and it is still ragged. We throw our table scraps at it, yet it still hungers. We try to kill it, and yet it lives on. There are few topics that devour more time in earnest discussion, yet it is still a mystery. Why poverty? Because God wills it.

No amount of money can quench it.
No airlifts of food will fill it.
No condoms or abortions can prevent or kill it.

Every burden is a blessing by God, for those burdens come with graces to bear them. And conversely, blessings come with burdens: the responsibility of sharing the gifts we have been given. Does it start to make sense, now, why poverty will slog on despite our best efforts? God will give us myriad opportunities to be closer to Him both though trial and in reward.

For the Poor, God gives graces to live simply and under His protection, and the Poor are much more grateful, with God’s grace, for the simple things in life than are the Wealthy. The Poor are dependent on God, and can unite their sufferings to Christ on His Cross. They also are much less likely to be completely besotted with material concerns than the Wealthy.

For the Wealthy, the poor are an opportunity to separate themselves from their wealth and show love of neighbor. Resources have been given to them that can make a real difference in the lives of many poor people, and also the graces to direct those resources. Out of gratitude, the Wealthy return blessings to God by giving their wealth to the poor.

The Poor are what separate the Sheep from the Goats, according to Matthew 25 (v.31 on), and thus are necessary to God’s plan. The Sheep should be grateful for the Poor, as the Poor are integral in expressing their faith. Conversely, one can tell how much the Goats resent the mere existence of the Poor, by the efforts to eradicate them.

Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, and He with them. Embrace them both.

Merry Christmas,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Jimbob,

I am the wife of The Regular Guy, and he pointed me to your site. Thank you for your words of Wisdom regarding the Poor. Sometimes, I don't know why certain "evils" exist in the world, but you just clarified one of them. Perhaps if we realized that what poor people need most is their dignity, to be treated humanely, then we would find the difference between being poor and rich not so significant after all.