Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fear, no. Planning, yes.

I'm not afraid, really. Actually, if I didn't have a family to worry about providing for, I'd greet a future civilization crash with enthusiasm. But, I have a mate and young children to care for, guide, and protect. So, I'm more keen on making plans now for a bad-case scenario.

In the past, we've been haphazard gardeners, but this year, we're going to take it a bit more seriously. When it comes to weeding, we'll have to be more diligent(unless we plan on eating weeds).

I'm also contemplating learning to hunt with a bow, as I'm pretty sure that the Meat Department at Supersaver will be out of meat. In addition to meat, game can provide clothing. Vegans will have to face the future naked. And cold.

All in all, I'm not too worried, as God's promised to take care of us. It may not be to the standard we're comfortable with, but we have nothing to fear if we rely on Him.


Yvonne said...

Try raising rabbits. Easy to clean, easy to populate. Chickens are are an easy source of protein too (the eggs too).

Good luck to your family and may God be with you.

Brother James said...

I wish our local ordinances allowed for chickens in city limits (I'm almost sure that they don't).

Rabbits are a possibility, but might shock the children if I were to slaughter and process something as cute and cuddly. It'd be tough to convince them of the necessity to eat Fluffy.