Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oblivious, or Lying

Russian president Vladamir Putin chanted praises for the Russian Orthodox church, this time for promoting interreligious dialog:

"We attach serious importance to the efforts being made by the Russian Orthodox Church to promote interreligious dialogue and cooperation, and to assert religious tolerance," Putin told the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Kremlin on Monday.

That's pretty interesting, considering that the Russian Orthodox delegation huffily left the recent interreligious dialog meeting in Ravenna. Maybe Vlad is referring to Patriarch Alexy II's assertion of authority over the orthodox in Estonia. The Russian Orthodox church is just continuing the Russian tradition of asserting authority over an unwilling group. It must have made Putin proud.

h/t CWNews


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Sugar, regards to Mrs and new Apocalypse.

Yep, Putin has devised schmem of installing hisself upstaris as head of the United Russias in 2008, his vice-fella of the moment to take Putin's title but little actual power.

What'cha bet them Russie Orthodox is jes' makin' broownie points wif Putin knowin' that perestroika is comin' to an end.

Cain't hep but wonder too about that Turkmenistan -China oil pipeline thas under sonctruction--and Putin bein' all soft on Iran..things is real fishy in Russia, and the Patriarch gits which side his bread is buttered on...sigh.

Happy Thanksgivin'! (AN' blessin's on yore family)

Aunty Belle

Dad29 said...

See, you just don't understand "dialog."

"Dialog" in KGB-talk, means "We Say Jump, You Say 'How High?'"

Both parties spoke--that's 'dialog.'