Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upchuck on Iraq

Some people should NOT speak, until they've completely thought through the implications of their ideas. Sen. Chuck Hagel (R?!-NE) announces that he thinks the U.N. should take over in Iraq:

Sen. Chuck Hagel said Tuesday it’s time to “take the American face off the political process in Iraq” and consider appointment of a United Nations mediator.

Pardon my cynicism, but the U.N. is that LAST agency to go for timely help on any urgent problem. Ask the folks in Darfur about the alacrity which folks at the U.N. can say something is wrong, then spring into inaction that aids no one.

Decisionmaking at the U.N. is subject to competing interests, which leads to the most bizarre committee appointments. Why the hell is Zimbabwe the new chair for Sustainable Development, when they've completely botched their economy and their ability to grow food?!? How did Sudan, the aggressor in the Darfur situation, get on the Commission for Human Rights (now defunct, if it was ever funct)?!?

And wait there's more, if you order a U.N. copout set in the next hour, you'll also receive a Hazardous Regional Partnership at no additional cost:

With no military solution possible and Iraqis “obviously incapable” of reaching political accommodation on their own, Hagel said, the United States needs to consider “bold, new strategic thinking.” That points to engagement of Iran and Syria within a regional security framework.

Oh cool, now Iraq can be torn between shiite and sunni extremist regimes from NEIGHBORING countries. Smoothe move, Ex-Lax. Now Iraq can sample politico-military life from the heart of Africa, where neighboring states fund rebel groups in each others' countries. Maybe Chuck can appoint consultants on the process, like Liberia's Charles Taylor and Uganda's Joseph Kony.

If invading Iraq was a bad idea, we're seeing a bumper crop of bad ideas for getting out. Thanks, Chuck, that will be all.

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Nancy said...

I thought the UN had already been involved in Iraq, that oil-for-food thing, remember?

Leaving Iraq to the UN is like leaving child care to King Herod.