Sunday, May 20, 2007

Headlines #070520

Porn flowing into Christian bookstores

Shield your eyes when popping into your local christian bookstore, as you may be looking for the latest 'Left Behind' novel, but may end up finding 'Great Behinds 2: Electric Bootyloo'!

Or maybe not. Here's the sub headline...

Hundreds dealing with company that promotes XXX-rated items

Oh, that's all? I feel so let down. The headline lead me on a bit, you see. Those guys at WorldNet Daily really know how to reel 'em in, eh?

An online company providing books to hundreds of Christian bookstores throughout Canada and the United States promotes XXX-rated materials, occult titles, manuals on homosexuality and lesbianism and satanism, according to a center that monitors the industry.

Now if we'd just censure them for promoting Jansenism, Calvinism, Pelagianism, and Freemason-Vatican conspiracy theories, that would be something. Folks don't have anything against theological porn, now do they?


Nancy said...

When I was in university, there was an Anglican theology student in the men's dorm who claimed he read Penthouse for the articles. So some wiseguy was going to get a copy for him and cut out all the pictures. After all it was only for the articles ...

Carolina Cannonball said...

good point comparing heresy to theological porn. porn either way is soul sucking.