Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dafur: Four More Years?

So, it's been four years since the cries of the people of Darfur had first reached our ears. What's been done? Precious little, for many reasons, but some insist on blaming the United States. From retired ambassador Lawrence Rossin's blog entry:

" The United States is still dallying – how many more “weeks” will President Bush give Ban Ki-moon’s diplomacy, when the Secretary-General can describe no imminent progress with al-Bashir?"

Funny, I seem to remember a contingent that complained bitterly when, after months of tampered weapons inspections, the U.S. lost patience with the diplomatic process, and invaded Iraq. So, it begs the question; Which way do you want it?

Now, don't get me wrong, I think what's happening in Darfur is terrible, and if our forces weren't committed in Iraq, I'd expect them to be in Sudan. But where's the U.N.? What ever happened to "Never Again"? I guess the phrase should instead say "Until the next one."

I had a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker a long time ago, and Tibet is still occupied by China. I guess that bumper stickers are not the omnipotent talismans I thought they were..

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The Unseen One said...

And you know, those "visualize word peace" bumper stickers have done a whole heck of a lot to protect us from radical Islam, haven't they?