Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brilliance Recognized

Paul, at Thoughts of a Regular Guy, has mistaken my ramblings for actual "Thoughts", and as lazy as I am, I sha'nt correct him. Instead, I shall give the credit to where it's really due, to the following bloggers:

Tiber Jumper, whose blog Crossed the Tiber is a must read for really spiritual reflection. Don't leave home without reading it. Lately, TJ's been working on podcasts as well.

Digital Hairshirt, whose blog of the same name is a lawyer's eye view of life and being Catholic. Smart lady, and a fellow "I've Pissed Off The Caveman" club member.

Dad29, whose blog Dad29 should be honored by folks more intelligent than I. Wisconsin Politics, the Church, and guns are his bent.

Everyone else in my blogroll is, in some fashion, an inspiration or pollutant in my thought process, and should be regarded with both awe and caution. Salut.


DigiHairshirt said...


I am truly honored and thank you sincerely. However, I hope more people realize that your own blog is worhty of attention and praise - this past Lent, as many expressed, was indeed a "dry time" when you gave up blogging as your sacrifice!

I will admit, I won't feel pressure to post more "cerebral" thoughts, still relying on my cheesy photography for a quick post, or another story about one of my kids, especially my son, the future Pope.

Any more news about moving to Knoxville?

Dad29 said...

A wholly undeserved honor--thanks!

I shall continue to steal and publish material which is useful.

...and material which is NOT, too.

Tiber Jumper said...

Thanks so much St. Jimbob. I am truly undeserving! So much so I accidentally deleted your comments from my com box!
Thanks for reading my stuff
God bless your day

Joyful Catholics said...

You voted correctly...Crossed the Tiber is most excellent and I'm proud and honored and blessed to call TJ my brother in Christ! What a man and dear friend. We've been corresponding for a year now, since he ran across our blog and he's been a "God send!"

Have you ever been to the Holy Family Shrine, Jimbob? We had a May crowning there Saturday. It was so beautiful. Come by and say "hi" some time. I'll be returning there as a volunteer on Tuesday afternoons. Would love to meet a fellow "Born-again Catholic!"

Now I'm busy with final preparations for my pilgrimage to Rome. We leave Wed and will be with Scott and Kimberly Hahn and Mike Aquilina for 9 days! I'm sooo excited, it's going to knock my new walking shoes right off me!