Monday, June 04, 2007

Notes from the Road #70602

Who gets vanity plates with TV jokes? Some yutz from Iowa, perhaps, thought that a witty Seinfeld reference would set himself, and his Lexus SUV, apart from the crowd. Too bad he couldn't think of anything funnier than 'Moops'.

If you plan a travel route on the Internet, add 25% to the travel time if you're travelling with toddler/preschoolers. Yes, the extra time is for copious potty breaks.

I wish I could have been in Lincoln for Call To Action's Futility Fest, but I was burning road to Des Moines by the time that all transpired.

Mass in Ohio, everything I hear people complaining about that's wrong with the Novus Ordo:

"Hey, where's the Tabernacle?!?"

I didn't realize that 'R/' in the hymnal was a cue for the cantress to raise her right arm.

Waterford crystal ciborium and chalices were used, showing their unity with Los Angeles.

Like a freak, I knelt (alone) after the Agnus Dei, and even continued kneeling after Communion.

I will eventually return to Lincoln, and will be glad..


Jay Anderson said...

Where in Ohio did you attend Mass, if you don't mind my asking? I'm guessing it wasn't the diocese in which I live. Thankfully, there's none of the nonsense you describe in my parish.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Wooster, OH. How far is your parish from there? I'm sure that I'll still be in the state next Sunday as well. Are there any, more orthodox, options in the region?

Dad29 said...

We figured 600 miles/day, traveling 12 hours/day.

Since we went West, the speed limit was never under 65, and we rarely traveled at less than 10 over the limit.

Astoundingly, it worked, even though we took only 5 of the darlings with us.

Jay Anderson said...

I'm in the Toledo Diocese (north-central and nortwest Ohio). I'm not sure where Wooster is.