Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Not Getting It

Ok, so, your state has a public relations problem. The national media is making it look like your town is full of racist rednecks. While white citizens declare their love for their black neighbors, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton slither in to town to express righteous indignation for the TV cameras.

So what do you do? You decorate your pickup truck with nooses.

Sure, that'll set everyone over at NPR straight about race relations in Jena, and in Louisiana in general.

You cannot buy stupidity of this quality just anywhere.

Maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should take up residence in Louisiana. Sounds like they all deserve each other's illustrious company.

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Anonymous said...

It is, to quote "Animal House", a really stupid and futile gesture but I understand it. You have no idea how annoying it is to be a southerner (or maybe you do) which is one of two groups anyone in the country is still allowed to make fun of (the other one being fat people) and to have the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up to tell you of your manifold failings and remind you that you are supposed to be guilty all the time and just generally lower than whalespit. How very very tiresome it is to be held up to the rest of the country as the scum of the earth. How frustrating it is to have the aforementioned JJ and AS held up as your moral superiors. This is a way to say "F U" to all of the fine folks visiting from out of town.

I'm not defending it, but I can see how someone could do this.

Then again, the owner of that pick-up could just be an unrepetant racist.