Saturday, December 16, 2006


Happy Blogday to St. Jimbob,
Happy Blogday to St. Jimbob,
Happy Blogdat dear St. Jimbob,
Now start writing something worth reading, eh?

Not all of this has been crappage, has it? Here's a few of my favourite posts:

Preparing the Way

the Invincible Poor ( One of my first, and a musing which prompted me to start blogging in the first place)

Red Friday Cometh

of Food and Marriage

Tolerance ≠ Mercy

And some of you may remember Maoist China, and their treatment of fellow catholics, as being of particular interest to me:

Can We Buy Their Freedom?

Render Unto Mao

Marxist Love

of Mice and Martyrs

Before You Shop..

I've taken time to critically examine heretics and schismatics at both extremes, much to the dismay of traddies who dislike my scorn of the SSPX. Liberals don't really care about what I think of their heretic champions, ordained and not. Here's to another year of dancing on the edges of Detraction and Calumny.

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The Unseen One said...

Congrats! Here's to another fun-filled year! *raises Chocoffee in salute*