Friday, December 01, 2006


Well, I got accepted to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, which begs the question: Just who were they turning away? Now I need to get registered for classes, and figure out how to get anyone else to pay for the tuition, books, et cetera. Maybe I'll be getting some money from you, American Taxpayer, for which I will now thank you profusely.

Balancing the job, family, and adding classes is going to be tough. My parents, having three kids and one full-time job, tag-teamed their way through college in the late 70's. I remember them working on term papers and the piles of text books, I was in 2nd or 3rd grade when they graduated together. It would have been impossibly expensive, but the G.I. Bill benefits (both were USAF vets) kept the costs under control. I used my G.I. Bill bennies on getting my AA in Audio Engineering, so I'll be financing this new venture on my own.

So, if you'd all be so kind, give word to Sts. Gregory the Great and Jerome to pray for me, that my brain will actually function for this project.

I've been working fiendish hours lately, FYI, hence the general blog quiet.


The Unseen One said...

Congrats, good luck, and God bless on going back to school.

And thank the American taxpayers profusely? What an odd concept for people who get money from the government! Usually they just pitch a fit and hate us for not giving them what they think they are entitled to!

Billiam said...

I here by give you permission to use my tax dollars in furtherance of your mind expansion project. Study hard, and NO TOGA PARTIES!!!

Tiber Jumper said...

I will pray for you tonite St Jimbob
God bless your studies.

Kasia said...

You can definitely count on my prayers. And next time I see my Senator (ha ha) I'll tell him he has my unqualified permission to divert my tax dollars to your college education.


Kasia said...

I've just tagged you for a pseudo-meme, Jimbob - you can find it on my blog. :-)