Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lent, Week 5, Palm Sunday.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Do not be dismayed, disheartened, or even worse, discontented with the state of our Church and our Faith. We are seeing assaults from every side, and even traitorous behavior from within. Do not be afraid, for our Lord suffered calumny from without, and treason from within his disciples. This week we celebrate His trials and long-awaited victory over Death.

Ice on the Sea of Galillee? My, my, someone needs to rationalize and discount the Gospel. It’s nothing new, and we’ll see it again soon.

The Gospel of Judas? You can tell that theologians are tired of the real Gospel by the speed in which they rush to embrace a new 'truth', some secret knowledge. It’s the equivalent of future historians declaring Michael Moore’s films as historical documents. The problem with some theologians is that Jesus has become an entirely intellectual endeavor, and their hearts are no longer for Him alone.

Spineless bishops? Yes, I too would like to see some leadership from certain quarters, some proactive teaching of the Faith, but I will not cast aspersions on their motives for letting dissidents have the podium whilst the orthodox are silenced. I’ve heard it remarked that “The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops”, but I hope the living bishops can get it together, and be a courageous witness to Christ, before the grout sets hard.

I’m sure that the Jews of Jesus’ day were also tired and disillusioned, living with Roman occupation and an unsympathetic religious hierarchy, and many left the faith to either acquiesce to the system or pursue violence against it. Let us remain strong, and seek our courage in Him that triumphed of the World.




The Unseen One said...

It’s the equivalent of future historians declaring Michael Moore’s films as historical documents.
Personally, I'm hoping that Moore's "documentaries" are looked upon in the future the way we look upon "reefer madness" today.

tom said...

jimbob..hope you have a good Holy Week and better Easter...take heart in the perseverance of Jesus, in his forgiveness of our ways we hurt His endurance of the trials we commemorate these next few days......