Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lent, week 4

I just thought I'd throw some bits in the Blogspot server, as it's Sunday. I haven't made it to the last couple Vatican II lectures, one for family reasons, the other because we had 16" of snow dumped on us that day.

So that aside, Lent is going along. our parish does Eucharistic Exposition after Stations of the Cross, and I really need it. we'll say the Anima Christi, some other prayers, sing O Salutaris Hostia and Tantum Ergo .In the parish my folks live in (Archdiocese of Philadelphia), they don't do it, and just rush through the Stations, as if to say "Hey, you're lucky we're doing THIS much.."

"Omne delectamentum in se habentem."


I caught a podcast about the VIRTUS program, featuring the storied Fr. Altier, and I can understand why , from the commentary in the podcast, why his bishop silenced him. Not saying that Fr. Altier is wrong, but he expressed his concerns in such dire terms, and casting aspersions on the motives of the USCCB, that his statements could not be ignored.
The program in question just sounds terrible, and I'm sure that the creation of it was delegated by the bishops to the lay Spirit of Vatican II™ toadies that seem to gravitate to those positions in the Church. So, it's only natural that it's fatally flawed. It's a shame that the bishops are so concerned about using anything to cover their collective backside, that they're willing to accept it.


Going into a coffee shop, I spied a young Bolshevik with his girlfriend ahead of me. He had the image down fairly well, the V.I. Lenin Memorial Cap™, the V.I. Lenin Memorial Goatee ™, and various other symbology adorning his jacket. There was only one incongruity that ruined the whole thing: The iPod poking out of his back pocket. Bourgois gadgetry gets them EVERY time.

Speaking of bourgois, I'm going to Las Vegas at the end of April for a conference. Anyone know a nice, but affordable, place to golf while I'm there?

Y'all have a nice week.

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