Thursday, February 02, 2006

Working as intended.

To Margaret Sanger's posthumous satisfaction, Abortion is having it's intended effects:

Blacks comprise about 12 percent of the US population, yet Black woman are sold roughly 25 percent of abortions. (Strange, since Black women are more opposed to abortion than are their white sisters.) But most disturbing is this fact: Black women account for at least 50 percent of known abortion deaths. (Of abortion deaths identified by Life Dynamics, Black women accounted for 50 percent of deaths in which the race was known; a CDC study found the death rate among Black women to be even higher.)

This bears repeating: A young Black woman is twice as likely to be sold an abortion as a young white woman, and once she gets on the abortion table, she is at least twice as likely to suffer fatal complications as a white woman.
[Emphasis added.]

So, I hope that this gets shouted from the rooftops, all around america, so that black women can know how loved and cared for they are by the Pro-Choice lobby.

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Darrell said...

The thing is, the really vocal pro-choicers are usually liberal white men and women who don't have abortions. It's all well and good for them so long as it's a theoretical "right" they're fighting for... they've not dealt with the ugly reality of it. They've not felt the pain.

tom said...

somehow, this message never gets out to those who need to hear it most.
(Would you consider linking my site to yours?)

DigiHairshirt said...

I have heard that since Roe was decided, some 9 million Black babies have been murdered by abortion.

Don't we call that . . . genocide?

Ogilvie said...

It's surprising how few people know about Sanger's racist views, and her contempt for what she called, "the genetically inferior races."

Ogilvie said...

P.S. Just noticed your comment about Sudan on my blog. In fact, there is oil in Sudan. Apparently the U.S. forbids American oil companies from exploring there as Sudan is considered a nation that supports terrorism. Three other foreign companies exploit the oil, one of them being the Canadian company Talisman. This company has been accused of allowing its airstrips to be used by the Sudanese government for bombing runs against the South, and for ignoring human rights abuses. The accusers are groups like International Christian Concern.

Fidei Defensor said...

I once brought up Sanger's racist views in a class discuion, the shit hit the fan and I NEVER HEARD THE END OF IT. I lost any hope of civil treatment from the professor.

Darrel, they may or may not be getting abortions, probably just the Pill and the morning after pill. These liberal white folks do not go forth and multiply, they are disapearing fast. Where are New York's electoral votes going they should ask.

Jeff Childers said...

For more on abortion as an intentional attack on African-Americans and other minorites, check out

Or dot org .

I'm not 100% with it today! : )