Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't hold your breath..

Fellay says 'fat chance' (via CWnews):

The traditionalist leader said that the SSPX would unflinchingly support the same arguments that drove Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to break with Rome in 1988. He insisted that the Vatican moved away from Catholic traditions after the Second Vatican Council. "Rome seems to have lost its way," he said, and no accord would be possible unless the Vatican changed its policies.

There you have it, gang. "We're right, you're wrong, so don't ask us to change." Like his predecessor, Lefebvre, Fellay doesn't believe that the Holy Spirit guides, or is capable of guiding, the Roman Catholic Church. Despite the statements to the contrary on the SSPX website, the SSPX does consider itself the true Catholic Church, subconsciously, if not overtly.

I found an interesting article of a former SSPXer, "My Journey Out of the Lefebvre Schism", that offers argument to SSPX assertions that they are not excommunicated, and that there is no schism.

From the SSPX article "The Post-Conciliar Church...A New Religion?":

Our duty is not to condemn and excommunicate, but to help Catholics of good faith in the modern Church to make the necessary discernment, in order to totally abandon the new religion, embrace Tradition, and remain Catholic.

Sounds like schism to me, gang, but what do I know?

As always, keep praying that pride will not continue to interfere with participation in the Body of Christ.


The Unseen One said...
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The Unseen One said...

I decided to delete my previous comment. As I am a Baptist, it isn't really my place to be commenting on the Catholic church.

The Unseen One said...

At least not on issues between two groups of Catholics. ;)

Dymphna said...

I can't bring myself to be too harsh with the SSPXers. Most are good people. Some are bitter and like it but not all.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I imagine that they are good people. Most of the SSPXers I know desire the traditional expressions of our faith, but to thumb your nose at the Pope betrays what that tradition is there to preserve.
I'd like to see good catholics who want the traditional mass return to the Church, but it seems that Fellay's public statements are not conducive to a reconciliation. We'll see what happens 'round april...