Friday, February 10, 2006

Invoking Muhammad (Lord, have mercy on us)

In almost all Islamic adherents, I’ve noticed that they immediately append a blessing when invoking the name of Muhammad, saying “Peace be upon him”. In print, the name of Muhammad is followed by (Peace be upon him), or the acronym (pbuh).

I’ve got another idea.

Muhammad’s sins grieve our Father no more than our own sins, though his may be more notorious. So, I propose a protocol of praying for God’s mercy every time Muhammad’s name is invoked, reminding us to pray for his soul, along with the conversion of those who follow in his footsteps. Immediately append a (Lord, have mercy on us), shortened to (Lhmou) subsequently, or (Kyrie, eleison), and (Ke). I’m sure a Latin Rite buff can find me something shorter than ‘Ostende nobis, Domine, miserecordiam tuam’ to use in this instance.

So the usage would be as such: I have read that Muhammad (Lord, have mercy on us) was a murderer, a thief, and a paedophile, but really, who among us is that much better. We are all sinners, and should fervently hope for the salvation of even the most egregious sinners, like Muhammad (Lhmou). In praying for his salvation, we can exhibit true Christian love toward our enemy, and show that God’s mercy is available to all. Who knows, we may be surprised to see Muhammad (Lhmou) in Heaven after his penance has been worked out. Heck, I’ll be so surprised to eventually get there myself, that I wouldn’t dare begrudge it to another sinner.

See how it works? And it serves a multitude of purposes: Reminds Christians to pray for him, reminds muslims that he is a sinner and, out of love, we are willing to pray for him. And for the spiteful out there, I’m almost sure that us praying for Muhammad (Lhmou) will drive the Islamicists insane with rage.

Kyrie Eleison


The Unseen One said...

It isn't really my place to judge, but I don't believe Muhammad knew Christ as savior. Clearly he didn't during his life, so unless there was a deathbed conversion to Christianity, forsaking his made up moon god pagan religion, I fear to say that no amount of praying for him will help, as there is no escape from the fires of hell. Kind of like doing CRP on a long dead corpse.

I'd wager what did grieve God more than our sins is how Muhammad led billions to the fires of hell.

Indeed you are right when you say "Lord, have mercy on us."

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

NH, I don't personally know the state of Muhammad's soul, so I am willing to err on the side of mercy.

God is grieved by all who are decieved away from Him, either in the name of Muhammad, or Science, or Reproductive Choice. All the wayward sheep need out prayers.

Yep, Lord have mercy.

The Unseen One said...

Neither do I. He may have had a conversion on his death bed and avoided the fires of hell and been admitted into heaven "As one escaping through the flames", as Paul says.

And you are right. The committers of any sin that leads others away from God, as well as those who are led astray, do need our prayers. I often find myself caught up in the flesh when it comes to them, wanting to say imprecatory prayers on their behalf. I have to keep reminding myself that in addition to myself, these are the people that Christ came into the world to save.

It is good to have other Christians to keep us in line, eh? Iron sharpens iron, and without other Christian influences in my life, I'd be as dull as a wooden spoon by now. ;)

R. M. A. J. Romero said...

Thanks for all your comments on The Cafeteria is Closed. Sometimes I have a rough time reading it. Looks like you've got a good place here, as well.