Sunday, February 11, 2007


I got tagged by the hyper-intellects at Cosmos|Liturgy|Sex, so here it is...Five things that few people know about St. Jimbob

1) I'm the eldest of nine children, the last being 20 years younger than myself.

B) I've got multiple tattoos, but none visible when wearing my usual kit.

III) I've been programming computers since I was 8, back when games were programmed in one line at a time, starting with

10 PRINT "Adventure"
20 INPUT "What is your name? " ; U$
30 PRINT U$ ; "is facing north. There is a cave.."
et cetera

Four) I used to smoke Camel Wide Lights, partially because they would fit snugly in one's nostril. I'd be on stage, playing my bass, with a cigarrette jutting from one, or both, nostrils. You'd have to be there.

Cinq) I had been diagnosed with ADD, but I don't really believe in it, or at least, I'm a concientious objector when it comes to psychological pharmaceuticals. I prefer to be a bit flaky than to be hooked on antidepressants and amphetamines.

And there you have it. I tag Unseen Blogger.


shelray said...

This stuff needs to go in your profile. Interesting trivia on the camel wide lights.

The Unseen One said...

I am honored at the tag, sir. I shall post it tomorrow.