Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Plank: Pro-Life Issues

From conception to natural death, the rights of all citizens of our nation should be vouchsafed by the government. Those whom cannot speak for themselves should have an advocate until such a time as they can speak for themselves.

- Abortion should be outlawed in all circumstances (save for a couple DIRE need cases?)
- Our elders are NOT a burden to society, and should be encouraged to continue living, regardless of their condition.
- Human life is not a disposable commodity, and so ethical considerations are to be the highest standards in medical research AND medical practice. (let's not be so quick to destroy embryos, and let's not approve drugs with grievous side effects in the fine print)

Anything else?


Kasia said...

Basically good. I suggest:

1) explicitly denouncing both assisted suicide and euthanasia;

2) "Abortion, as the intentional termination of an unborn human's life, should be outlawed. Exceptions may be made on a strictly medical-need basis (i.e. to save the life of the mother).

3) Contraception?

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

"The Life of the Mother" really needs to be firmly defined at immediate peril to the physical health, not just a danger of being a 'bummer' to someone's life plans. Loose judicial interpretation is why health exeptions, required in abortion limitations, are the farce they are.

While we should advocate strongly abstinence, a ban on contraception's a tougher sell. I'd treat birth control like alcohol: If you're underage, you have no business with it. Schools should not be adolescent sexuality cheerleaders, and keeping secrets from parents. Parents are responsible for the health and well being of their children, and anyone who conceals a child's health issues from parents should be severely sanctioned.
I think I'm drifting toward another topic: Family.

Kasia said...

I take your point about "life of the mother" - I think the phrase that really sent us down the primrose path on that was "emotional well-being". I think the intent behind it was for rape/incest victims, particularly young ones, to not be forced to carry the child of their attacker, which I can certainly understand even if I have qualms about it. Now it really has turned into "a bummer". I could tell you some stories...

Family is definitely an important issue. I think we need to emphasize the "parents are responsible for their children's well-being" heavily, both insofar as they need all the information AND insofar as the buck needs to stop at them.

I'm of two minds about the birth control issue. On the one hand, the Church is very clear, and it goes back to who really owns our bodies (not us). On the other hand, it's not only a tough sell, but it could undermine the overall efficacy of the endeavor. Would it be too much of a hedge to say something to the effect of "We do not advocate contraception because [insert list of reasons here]. We do not, however, feel that it presents the immediate danger to the sanctity of life that abortion does. As such, our primary concern is that it not be available to minors; abstinence should be promoted..." ...very wordy, I know, but something that touches on it?

Sarah said...

Abortion is an attack on women- having a rape victim abort her child is one more way of victimizing her- and that innocent baby. Rape/incest are dispicable crimes- don't make the girl feel that she had a hand in it by telling her it's okay to kill the baby. When she comes to the awful realization that she has