Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of Kids and Volume Control

Ahhh, small children, they say the sweetest things, right? I was at a Target store, yesterday, with my three year-old girls and six year-old boy, and we were shopping for some necessities. I had bought the kids a lemonade to share (and keep them quiet, so thought I), and Peeper piped up with her appreciation. "I love you, daddy" she crowed, after a long sip of the lemonade. As we reached the end of the aisle we were in, I saw a woman with her infant at the end to the aisle, examining diapers. She looked at me, and said "How cute" and nodding her head at Peeper.

In another part of the store, we were approaching the toilet paper, and I was telling the kids how we needed to get some. Peeper, sensing an opportunity to make her great intellect known, shouts "so I can wipe my bum!" Of course there are about a dozen people around us, who all look in our direction, and laughingly shake their heads. At one smirking couple, I say, "Hey, if you can't say it loudly, it's not worth saying, right?" Right?


The Unseen One said...

Just remember, your life's most embarrassing incident is but momentary entertainment for others.

That being said, keep that little jewel for when she brings home her first date. ;)

Dad29 said...

And quoth GKC:

"A thing worth doing is worth doing badly."

Take a note to yourself: NEVER ask dad29 about those sweet young things when they're between the ages of 12-18.