Friday, January 13, 2006

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Given my score on the Papal Personality test (see results below), The question remains if I am Vatican II compliant..


William in Texas said...

Hi St. Jimbob,

I read your comments at Amy Welborn's "Open Book" blog ( and just had to reply. For those who did not read it, here is what you said:

"The Catholic faith seems to really boil down to the individual level, in terms of success or failure. On a corporate level, the Church has always seemed to be a field mixed with wheat and weeds. Some try to invalidate the Church by pointing out the weeds, others lionize the Church for it's wheat. Sometimes, it seems that one or the other dominates, but we have to wait patiently for the matter to be resolved by the Sower. The most important thing is that we remain rooted and produce the fruit expected of us."

Those words are SO meaningful to me as a new Catholic (two years), because I've been very discouraged by the mess in the Church. I left the Episcopal Church due to post-modern heresies and heterodoxy, and have sometimes wondered if the American Catholic Church was trying to head down the same road, were it not for the Pope. Your thoughts help me put things in perspective.

I wanted to e-mail you but could not find an e-mail address at your site.

As for the quiz you linked, I took it but my computer must have caused a glitch, as it would not give me a score or an evaluation. However, I can tell you without hesitation I would have also been Chalcedon compliant!

I'm glad to have discovered your blog and will check it out.

William in Texas said...

Just previous comment did not show up in the "Comments" link. (The link showed the Comments as being "0" when it should have read "1.") Oh well, it's been my day for computer gliches...

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I'm a born-again Catholic, just finally realizing what it really means to be a catholic christian. It took a few years in the meantime. Glad you decided to swim the Tiber, so to speak. It's sad to see the fruition of lax doctrine in the Episcopal Church, as there are many catholics that would have us bend that way as well.

I hope that whatever happens in the coming decades, people don't lose their focus on Jesus. I was one who spent a long time distracted by the sins of others, long past and present, and scorned the Church because of it. I finally learned the scope of mercy, and here I am, working to get back into communion with Christ's Church.

William in Texas said...

St. Jimbob,

Thanks for your response. I'm striving to be a "born-again" Catholic, but I'm not quite to that point yet.

Are you currently seeking to be received into the Church? (You wrote that you are "working to get back into communion with Christ's Church.")

From what I understand, you are residing in an awesome diocese, the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. Your bishop is Fabian Wendelin Bruskewitz, whom I've heard is one of the most solidly orthodox bishops in the country. I've seen him on EWTN.

I'm in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas (near Dallas), and we have a good orthodox bishop here, too. Interestingly, he a Jesuit, and I've not run into a lot of orthodox Jesuits in the past!

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I grew up a Catholic, and was confirmed, etc. etc. I joined the USAF and moved around a bit, and didn't really like any of the Catholic services on base or churches I found along the way, so I stopped going to Mass. I never really understood the Church, it just needed time to sink in.

7 years ago, I got married outside the Church. My wife's family, a mix of lapsed Methodists and Baptists, are fairly anti-Catholic, and so my wife was reluctant to get married in a Catholic Church. The marriage prep requirements also were off-putting to her. So, I found a priest in the 'White Robed Monks of Saint Benedict", a schismatic catholic group, to officiate the ceremony in the locale my wife had chosen for our wedding. At the time, I was undiscriminating about the differences, satisfied with "Well, he says he catholic." and left it at that.

I started attending Church again regularly after getting married. 3 Kids later, all baptized in the Church, we're going to mass every Sunday. Than I start wondering about the validity of the 'sacrament' that was administered.

It appears that I am excommunicated latae sententiae , for marrying outside that Church. I am unable to receive most sacraments until I have resolved my marital status by getting a waiver for a 'mixed marriage' (my wife is not a Catholic...yet) and having the Church to 'convalidate' my marriage, making it within the Church.

I still take the entire family to Mass on Sundays, and show proper reverence for the Presence, but for the foreseeable future, I cannot take Communion.

I could be bitter about it, dismiss the whole situation as bureaucratic nonsense, and ignore it altogether as I had for years. Or, I can take my lumps and submit to the Church.

William in Texas said...

St. Jimbob,

Wow, what an amazing story! May God bless you and your family for persevering.

I will add you and your family to my prayers, that these marital issues will be soon resolved and you can be back in full communion.

Your humble and loving attitude of submitting to Christ through His Church is an inspiration to me, as well as to others.

Thank you for sharing this, as I imagine it's painful to even discuss it with others.

I don't know if you get EWTN on your television, but if you do, there is a show on Monday nights called "The Journey Home" with host Marcus Grodi. Every week he has a guest who tells his or her story of coming into the Church, and many of these people are "reverts" (people who were baptized Catholics, left the faith, and then returned). I can imagine that someday, God Willing, you might be on that show tell your amazing story of coming back to the Faith.

God bless.