Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5 Questions for Jesus

inspired by Digital Hairshirt:

#5) “Where’s Samuel’s (my son) twin?”

The day before our first scheduled ultrasound appointment, of our first pregnancy, my wife miscarried. We went to the appointment the next day, saddened and resigned. The sonographer did the scan anyway, pointed to a tiny flicker on the screen, and declared that we were still expecting. She also pointed out the sac that was left from the miscarried twin. From hope to despair to wonder, we rode it all out.

With the recent murmurings of a reexamination of ‘Limbo’, I am ever curious to know what happened to our lost one. I trust in the mercy of God, and that if he or she was ensouled, then our lost one is the first of us to get Home.

To twist the story further, 3 years later we got pregnant again, this time with twin girls..

#4) “What’s the yardage to carry the sulfur trap, just right of the fairway?”

I know a lot of people think there will be golf in heaven. The way I play the game, I think that golf will be played in Purgatory, and that Heaven will be the 19th Hole. That said, I still play, so I must have hope.

#3) “Out of the guys who’ve played you on film, who was your favorite? Max von Sydow? Robert Powell? Jim Caviezel?”

#2) “So which did you prefer: ‘Te Deum’ or ‘Gather Us In’?

Given the recent reunion of the Horsemen of the Antiphonal Apocalypse (read: the St. Louis Jesuits) I thought the question would be germane. No, I don’t want to hear from SSPX and FSSP partisans to give me His answer for him...that means you, too, Non Sum Dignus.

#1) “Lord, if you let me be here with you, who didn’t make it?”

We need to remember what it took to get us there, and so we’ll all be humble and grateful. I can’t wait. Can you?


DigiHairshirt said...

Jimbob, excellent first question! We too suffered miscarriages, although I would like to think my children are in Heaven, acting as advocates for the family.

If He gives you the answer to "Te Deum" or "Gather Us in," and it's the first pone, pass it on to my choir director, willya?

The Unseen One said...

While it is apocryphal, check out the Apocolypse of Peter when you get the chance. It talks about children who die before they are born. Interesting stuff.

tom said...

gotta say..being from STL..love the Jesuits, and think they were inspired by the Holy Spirit..sorry.
as for heaven as the 19th hole..hope the Bud is cold and the burgers hot.
and if there is a course there, it has to be under $20 for 18 or I won't play....

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Tom, you can play any of the 4 municipal courses in Lincoln for $16 on a weekday (which is when I usually play). Let me know if you're ever in town..