Sunday, November 09, 2008

Who's Going to Continue the Failed Policies of the Bush Administration?

After a long campaign of blasting everything the Bush Administration has done since Election Night of 2000, Barak Obama turns his attention to the economy:

Obama said that passing a stimulus package will be his first move if the lame-duck Congress fails to do so before he takes office January 20.

Um, didn't the Bush Administration do that, and several times? Did it work? An objective look around would indicate that these "stimulus payments" only generated short-term economic twitches, while only serving to reinforce Americans' bad spending habits.

At least Barak Obama is willing to break with the Bush Administration on commitments to defending eastern Europe from Soviet intimidation. Oh, wait, maybe we meant to continue that policy instead..

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Jimmy said...

At best we've got a couple of years of liberal rule to deal with. Hopefully, voters will see the light and we can look forward to a massive turnover in congress. Until then we need to regroup and redouble our efforts. Conservatives are in for a rough two years, but we have to stay united in our vigilance to advance a conservative agenda. If we give up now we will lose what little precious ground we have gained.

The conservative organizations that have been tried and true are going to be key to keeping congress in check. We have to get behind them and add voices to those insisting on small government and lower taxes. . I go to the US Chamber site often and I found this video and the message is right on. . .

Now, more than ever, we have to stick together.