Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Power and Courage in Richmond

h/t Amy Welborn

From A Voice in the Diocese of Richmond, an exhortation to courageous rebellion, anonymous poster.
I'm deeply distrubed by the Catholic heirarchy. Power, authority, and control appear to be their criteria. It is as if the heirachy believe all the laity is good for to follow whatever they dictate. Well, do you know what, it aint so. We the laity do have power. All we need to do is exercise our power. The powers-that-be seem to believe we are helpless. All the power, authority and control of the heirarchy will only operate for them if we permit it to have power, authority and control over us.

What power is this person talking about? The power of performing all the duties of a parish priest, from Matins to Vespers, and every pastoral and business task in between? I'm sure that the 'power' that those posessed by the Spirit of Vatican II&trade (SoVIIs, for short) are seeking is the power to change Catholic doctrine. In that case, they will forever be disappointed, not matter how many extraordinary Eucharistic ministers they co-opt, diocesan positions they fill, or DREs they plant, for the power to change doctrine is not in the Church.
They speak like marxist revolutionaries, substituting the word 'laity' in for 'proletariat', and 'heirarchy' for 'bourgeoisie'. What Would Lenin Do?

To defy this authority we must all have courage, the courage of our convictions.

Courage? Why then hide behind anonymity, if thou art so confident in thine righteous convictions?

If there are people who are afraid. that's ok too.

I believe that category is for anonymous agitators.

Sometimes Catholic brainwashing is so ingrained in a person's mind they will not, or cannot, defy Catholic authority and tradition. Our Church trained us to believe if the Church said it was so, then it was, no questions asked. A few of us have broken the mold and are using the brain power the good Lord gave us.

I guess that it's only after a trip to Room 101 that we can love the Church, to hear it from 'anonymous'. And here I am, sipping clove-flavoured gin, and loving God as He has been worshipped by 2000 years of Catholic tradition. 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.
I choose to harness the brain power in service to the heart power, which reports to the soul power, which is guided by the Holy Spirit. God wants us to use all three in our love of Him.

The new bishop in Richmond must be doing something right, if the SoVIIs' knickers are in such a twist. God bless him and his endeavors.


Christine said... bishop is making all kinds of news out in the St. Blog Parish. I can say that there are some who are not too happy around here, too, but those of us who love the Church and want Her to lead us are thrilled with much of what Bishop DiLorenzo is doing. And there is so much to clean up, too. A friend of mine has met the bishop on several occasions (she works for the diocese), and she has told me that he is really wonderful. But the less-than-orthodox priests are none too happy.

Dad29 said...

These ninnies, thank God, are usually gray-haired, with failing sensory perceptions, and are unable to motivate yout' to their tired, rusty-edged 1960's crap.

The kids know better, or don't care at all.