Friday, June 16, 2006

Doing the Math

h/t GOP Soccer Mom

One of the advantages of being Roman Catholic is that one is spared the burden of being one’s own pope. Had I still been an Anglican, I would have been forced to agonize over Scripture, Tradition, and Scientific evidence until I came to some understanding as to what moral position I should hold, and after a great deal of careful reading and honest reflection would likely have gotten it wrong anyway. Being a Catholic however, I am both permitted and expected to assume that the position of the Church, (incredible and unfair though it might appear) is actually the correct one, and simply work backward. It is like having an Algebra textbook with the answers in the back. One still needs to do one’s homework if one is ever expected to get on in math; however if you know how the equation is supposed to end, it is easier to work out the solution.

Clueless Christian


Doogie said...

Yep. I sure ain't holy or wise enough to figger it all out fer myself.

The last independent doctrinal decision I ever made was that I had no authority to be making independent doctrinal decisions.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Sounds like my last day in the drinking business, when I decided that I had no business drinking.

I used to make independent doctrinal decisions, but then I started seeing others making wilder and wilder doctrinal decisions. I then did some research on the wild new doctrinal decisions, and found that most of them were rooted in ancient wild doctrinal decisions, which the Church rejected.