Sunday, May 21, 2006

Maciel in the Colosseum

Ahh, the din of the Roman crowds after a spectacular gladiatorial display. Mighty Caesar extends a fist toward the arena, thumb twitching horizontally, as if harkening to the mob's disparite cries of "martyr" and "catamite". Some in the crowd protest the warrior's innocence, appealing the heavens for divine vindication. Others scream for chastisement, as if the penalty of this one would indict all who have evaded justice in the past..

All the caterwauling over the Vatican's handling of Fr. Degollado inspires me thus.

The man is a sinner. News Flash: so are the rest of us. And I, for one, am glad that Diogenes hasn't outed me as an occasional porn-grazer. I do have a habit of being penitent as well, and I hope that Fr. Degollado is successful in his new endeavor of spiritual preparation for the Last Judgement. Will we resent the forgiveness of his sins?

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