Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Going Wild Inside

“Wouldn’t it be dreadful if some day in our own world, at home, men started going wild inside, like the animals here, and still looked like men, so that you’d never know which were which.”

"We've got enough to bother about here and now in Narnia," said the practical Susan "Without imagining things like that."

I was reading ‘Prince Caspian’, the C.S. Lewis novel, today, and read the above section. It gave me pause, as if someone described a dream to you that you had the night before. I mulled that statement for a few minutes, and then heard this news item on the radio (NPR):

Milwaukee Mob Sets Upon Driver

From the story:

"He was driving alone at about 10:30 p.m. Monday when he honked at a group of about 15 people to move so he could continue driving. "Instead of moving, they surrounded the vehicle," police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz said. Police said he was pulled from the car, and witnesses said they saw some attackers climb on cars and jump on the victim's head. Britney King said she and her two sisters saw the attackers doing flips and cartwheels from cars onto the man."

Going wild inside, and then the wild turns outward. Prophecy? Insight into the inhuman condition? I am aghast, yet it is happening more and more.

I will continue reading 'The Chronicles of Narnia", as I have been this week, in a world that seems so much different than when I first read them 23 years ago.


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Mary Jane said...

Hi, Jimbob! Looking like you're going to be an interesting blog. (Linked to you from Open Book.)
Happy New Year!

Dymphna said...

Horrible story and it's becoming more common. I've decided that nobody is dragging me out of my car. It's better to take your chances and be judged by twelve than to be carried to the cemetary by six.